Celebrating Spring in Savannah and Bluffton!


Celebrating Spring in Savannah and Bluffton!

Spring is finally here, if spring is your favorite season you’re not alone, here are 8 reasons why Spring is one of the most popular seasons! We know how important it is during the current covid-19 pandemic to do everything we can to keep upbeat and positive. Springtime should put a little spring in all of our “stay home” steps!

  1. Great Weather- In Spring you get sunshine without sweltering heat so you can spend more time outdoors, at all times of the day! 

  2. You get more daylight to do the things that you want to do! Daylight and sunshine can be a huge mood booster too so get out in the yard and soak up those Spring rays. (With sunscreen on of course!)

  3. Wildlife returns, after hibernating during the winter months birds are back and you’re probably waking up to lovely songs from them, baby animals are born too so be on the lookout for cute and tiny critters roaming your yard! Studies suggest that seeing cute animals makes people more positive!

  4. You can spend more time outdoors, in the garden or going for a walk. Being outside is great for mental health and since it’s mild out you can go out for a walk without freezing or melting!

  5. The leaves come back, trees and flowers bloom and the whole world looks like a blanket of bright colors. There is always something changing too so get out and see the changes in action!

  6. It’s super easy to find fresh produce! Asparagus, tender lettuce and spring veggies abound. They’re sweet, fresh and a lovely addition to any meal

  7. You don’t have to worry about dry air which means you’ll probably be healthier overall. The humidity is coming back so your hair and skin will probably be healthier!

  8. You can get your vitamins naturally, get out and soak up that sun, even with just 10 minutes a day your body can absorb a good amount of vitamin D.

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