50 Activities to Do While you’re Stuck at Home!

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50 Activities to Do While you’re Stuck at Home!

Stuck at Home? 50 Activities to Enjoy!

It can be hard during times like these to stay positive and excited about life when let’s face it, folks are a little down right now. But never fear, we’ve got a list of 50 activities to keep you busy while you’re stuck at home. Whether you’re busy working from home or are taking care of your kids, this list certainly has at least a few things to keep you busy during your homestay!


Spring Cleaning:

-Move furniture and vacuum behind and under it (Goodbye 3-year-old dust bunnies!)

– Detail your car- Wash, Vacuum, squirt, and spray, also while you’re at it top off all fluids!

– Clean gutters- it may not be fun but it’s certainly a good thing to do and you’ll be happy you did it too!

– Wash floors- Grab that bucket and a brush and scrub away!

– Clean Grout- While you have your bucket out from washing the floors, clean your tile grout too!

– Wash your windows, not sure about you but with the sun streaming in we’re definitely seeing windows in need of washing

– Tune-up your lawnmower- There are tons of great lawnmower tutorials on youtube you can look at to make you mower function at its best.

– Tidy your laundry room, it’s probably one of the rooms you spend lots of time in, why not keep it clean and organized


Culinary Projects:


-Try to cook a new recipe with things from your cupboard/fridge

⁃Bake cookies- Chocolate chip, oatmeal, shortbread, so many options!

-Make homemade bread

-Try making homemade pasta

– Try a new cocktail recipe

– Make chocolates


Outdoor Activities:

⁃Do some gardening, finally prune those trees, weed that bed!

⁃Have a picnic in your backyard


Staying Active:

-Jump rope- Good for your heart rate and it’s fun too!

-Walk with kids and make a game of finding/identifying flowers-tulips, daffodils, hyacinths

-Go for a bike ride

⁃Find a new workout app so you can work out at home

⁃GO for a walk

⁃Head to the local lake and go kayaking or paddleboarding


Organization Activities:

-Organize your digital or printed photos, something you probably rarely have time to do normally

-Organize your garage- it can be daunting but take it one section at a time

⁃Organize your closet, go through clothes and figure out what you want to keep or not

⁃Organize cabinets/drawers- office and kitchen! Sort things to donate and keep!


Staying indoors:

⁃Watch a movie that you’ve been wanting to look at for a while

⁃Rearrange living room furniture

⁃Do Suduko

-Make a flipbook

⁃Learn a new card game, cribbage, euchre, gin, bridge

⁃Start that blog!

⁃Make seasonal cards

⁃Write a gratitude list

⁃Do a spa day, take a bath, paint your nails, do a facemask, drink tea and read a book

⁃Do a puzzle

⁃Tie Dye things

⁃Make homemade play dough

⁃Make homemade bath bombs

⁃Learn origami

-Do your taxes (not fun but must be done!)

– Learn how to tie useful knots

– Do a funny photoshoot

– Decorate for the next holiday (Easter)


Tech Things:

⁃Unsubscribe from junk emails

⁃Make a new playlist of songs for the upcoming season

⁃Organize computer files

-have a virtual happy hour with friends

-Virtual church

-Research a DIY on YouTube

Hope this list of fun activities helps you live your best life during the quarantine time. At Celia Dunn Sotheby’s International Realty we are offering virtual services to our clients, contact us today and we would be delighted to show you any home you would like to see.

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