5 Things to Consider About Homes With A Pool

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5 Things to Consider About Homes With A Pool

Summers down south are hot! And since many folks’ travel plans have been disrupted and they are spending more time at home, the prospect of a home with a pool is enticing. Whether you are thinking about buying a home with a pool or having one put in at your existing abode, here are 5 things to consider about homes with a pool.

1. In Ground or Above Ground Pool?

Each type of swimming pool has its pros and cons. Above ground pools are less costly to install and there are many options these days that allow you to set them up yourself without having to hire professionals. Another potential plus- if you plan on eventually moving, they can be taken with you. An in-ground pool on the other hand is a permanent fixture that most definitely has to be installed by professionals. They also require more maintenance in the form of pumps, filtration systems, and possibly a heater. For those reasons they are more costly, but they also add more value to a house than above ground pools.

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2. What is the Main Purpose of the Pool?

Are you looking for a way to get some daily exercise? Is it going to be mostly enjoyed by children? Do you simply want a pretty water feature? The way you plan on using the pool will largely dictate what kind of pool you look for in a home. Whether you want a pool sized for doing laps, one that’s not too deep for small kids to play in, or a smaller pool surrounded by plants and maybe a waterfall, take time to consider how you will be using the pool so you can be sure to find the right fit.

3. Safety First

It’s very important to familiarize yourself with proper pool safety before buying a home with a pool, or having one installed. Not only should you be comfortable with lifesaving techniques like CPR, but it is also important to check and see if your community has any rules or regulations you need to follow. For instance, some neighborhood associations require a fence to be installed surrounding the pool. Do you need to ensure there is special ground cover on the pool deck to prevent slips and falls? Maybe you want to consider adding alarms that notify you when anything enters the water. There are numerous ways to ensure the safety of those enjoying the pool that need to be taken into consideration.

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4. Pool Maintenance

No matter what kind of pool you have, there is going to be a certain level of maintenance. From skimming dead leaves to keeping chlorine or salt levels balanced, it is important that any pool owner understands the cost of maintaining a pool. This means cost as in money but also time. Perhaps it is worth it to you to hire a pool cleaning company to oversee the care of your pool instead of trying to take it all on yourself. You can hire out the upkeep on a regular basis or as needed if your schedule or budget fluctuates.

5. Poolside Ambiance

When you are having a pool installed, there’s more to consider than simply the pool itself. A large part of the appeal of having a pool in your backyard is the ambiance. You don’t just want to stick a hole in the ground, or above it, and call it a day. Things like outdoor furniture, pool accessories, landscaping, lighting, and more all factor in to the enjoyment of a pool. You don’t have to spend a fortune creating a tropical paradise (although you can…) but it’s important to think about what you want the overall atmosphere to be.

As you can see, there are many things to think about before buying a home with a pool, or having one added to your existing abode. We hope these 5 things to consider about homes with a pool help guide you towards creating your own dream home.

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