8 Autumn Home Maintenance Tips

Autumn Home Maintenance Tips

8 Autumn Home Maintenance Tips

As we enter into Autumn, now is the time to take steps to prepare your home for the coming winter months and tackle a few house care items that can be addressed yearly. Let’s take a look at some common home maintenance items that should be on your Fall to-do list.


Clean Your Gutters

It’s also important to keep the falling leaves and pine needles clear, to allow the gutters to properly do their job of moving rainwater away from the house. Late Autumn is the best time to have your gutters cleaned, after most of the leaves have fallen. Plus, the cooler weather makes the job much easier to bear. You can also consider having mesh screens installed over the top, to vastly cut down on the amount of debris that gets trapped in your gutters.


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Check Your Weatherstripping

Weather stripping can wear down over time. Properly maintaining the seals around your doors and windows is a very effective way to control energy costs. Air leaks can make your heating system work harder than it needs to, adding to the monthly cost of your electric bill as well as increasing the wear and tear on your system over time.


Change Your Smoke Detector Batteries

Typically, you’ll be spending more time indoors as the weather gets colder and the days grow shorter so autumn is the perfect time to remind yourself to replace the batteries in any smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors, if yours are not connected to an alarm system. While you are at it, go ahead and have your kitchen fire extinguisher inspected as well. It’s important not to skip any home maintenance items that directly relate to safety.


Check/Install Outdoor Lighting

Autumn weather is still quite warm in the Lowcountry, so you’ll likely be enjoying the outdoors quite a bit still. But it is getting darker earlier so now is the time to check your outdoor lighting- replace bulbs and perhaps consider installing some additional lighting around patios, grilling areas and fire pits.


Clean Dryer Vents

Typically, the air starts to get a bit drier in the cooler months. This can led to a build up of static electricity, which if you have dirty dryer vents full of lint, could start a fire. Take 30 minutes one weekend to clean out your dyer vent. Pull the dryer away from the wall, detach the vent pipe, and vacuum it out. 


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Schedule Chimney Cleaning 

Before the colder weather hits, have your chimney professionally cleaned to keep it in the best working order. Wood burning fireplaces should be swept free of soot, have the flue checked for blockages and inspected to make sure air is flowing properly. Gas fireplaces should also be checked to make sure all is operating as it should be, and there are no cracks or leaks in the plumbing.


Fix Driveway and Sidewalk Cracks

Over time, settling can cause cracking to occur in concrete driveways and sidewalks. Autumn is the best time to address these cracks to keep them from potentially spreading in the colder, damp winter months. 


Get Your Heating System Inspected

Your HVAC system will last longer, and cost you less, if you have it regularly serviced. Fall is the time to have the heating components inspected. Many companies run specials this time of year for basic checkups so take advantage.

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