The Return of the Home Office

46 Lady Slipper home office

The Return of the Home Office

With so many people still working primarily from home, and children attending classes virtually, the demand for a dedicated home office space has risen exponentially over the past few months. No matter how much space you have, or what your decorating style, there is a work-from-home setup that will work for you.

The Den

For some, nothing less than a designated room will do. A private sanctum where you can duck away from it all in relative quiet is a necessity for back to back Zoom meetings and virtual collaborations. Perhaps you need to have shelves of reference books readily available or tools of the trade close at hand. You may want space for a desk, chairs for visitors, and a side table for refreshments complete with mini fridge and coffee maker. When you have a whole room to work with, you can easily create a home office space that blends comfort and efficiency.

4 Blackgum Lane Home Office

4 Blackgum Lane

The Closet Space

For those who can’t dedicate a whole room to work or school, the closet home office is the answer. Situated in a rarely used hallway or guest bedroom, the closet office typically has space for one (maybe two if it’s a double closet) with open shelving above and drawers or file cabinets below. Cork boards and framed artwork add some fun to make up for the lack of views. This type of workspace is perfect for children as well; it is easy to set up a small area for homework and virtual classes in the corner of their bedroom. Having a specific area setup for kids can greatly aid in their ability to concentrate and learn in the home environment.

3 Rum Runner Home Office

3 Rum Runners Alley

The Kitchen Nook

Remember these? A staple in new construction from the early nineties, the kitchen office nook is seeing use like never before. Designed to blend in with the rest of the kitchen, these nooks are often equipped with a desk for one and upper and lower cabinets to easily hold files, a printer and everyday office supplies out of sight when not in use. It is easy to carve out a smaller section of the home like this as a temporary home office fix until you have a better understanding of where your daily work and school routine is heading and what your long-term home office needs are.

108 Modena Island Home Office

108 Modena Island Dr

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