Design Eye: Which Fireplace Style is Right for Your Home?

135 Gascoigne Fireplace

Design Eye: Which Fireplace Style is Right for Your Home?

It’s that time of year- even in the Lowcountry- where this is a chill in the air and staying snuggled up by the fireplace sounds like the best way to spend a winter’s eve. There are so many design styles out there, how do you know which one is best for you?

110 W Harris Fireplace


When many people think of the classic fireplace scene, a red brick fireplace comes to mind. A lot of homeowners have been painting their brick fireplaces in the last decade or so, so you can see a variety of colors out there but white and light gray are the most popular options for painting brick. A fairly straightforward DIY, painting your brick fireplace is a great way to make your space feel more modern.

254 Suncrest Fireplace


Stone is a surprisingly versatile material choice for surrounding your fireplace. Depending on the type, color, pattern repetition and size of stone, you can create a rustic feel, boho vibe or clean minimalism look.

352 Lincoln Fireplace


The go-to for those wanting luxury, marble can provide a strong impact and really make a statement. From the ornate, hand carved mantles to a sleek vertical wall of polished delight, a marble  fireplace instantly elevates any room it’s in.

102 Hedge Nettle Fireplace


While a wood fireplace surround may not seem like an obvious choice, it can be a great style to lighten up a room and make a dated house more modern. Wood planks are streamlined and visually calming, giving your eye a place to rest as it roams the room.

135 Gascoigne Fireplace


Using tile as a fireplace surround will provide you the greatest variety of style options. Typically less expensive than the other materials on this list, tile can help you bring almost any design vision to life.

With so many styles and materials to choose from, you’ll have a great time creating the perfect fireplace for your home to enjoy throughout the winter months.

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