Being Mindful At Home


Being Mindful At Home

The concept of mindfulness is pretty straightforward; it is being aware of one’s thoughts and feelings from moment to moment and observing them without judgement. However, as anyone who has attempted to be mindful knows, it is much more difficult to achieve than it sounds. As we spend more time at home, and are looking for ways to keep a separation between work/school and down time, here are some tips to help you increase your mindfulness so you can better transition between being ‘on’ and being ‘off’, since for many, the home is now the hub for everything.

Get Started

First, find a place in your home where you can sit alone, peacefully without interruptions. It should feel calm and quiet. Set a time limit for yourself, it can be a short as 5 minutes or it can be as long as you want but having a time limit will help you focus on the task at hand. Close your eyes and try to ignore any stray thoughts that enter your mind.


You can start by putting your attention on your breathing; in and out, in and out, slowly. Fell the air as it moves. Feel your body, notice your posture and as you breathe in, focus on relaxing your body one part at a time. First your face, then your neck and shoulders, then your back and on down your body until you feel relaxed and loose, without tension.

Keep At It

It takes time to develop a practice of mindfulness. Don’t get discouraged and don’t be too hard on yourself. Part of the point of being mindful is to be judgement-free. Allow yourself to be with out worrying about what you think you should be doing or thinking or feeling. Even a simple 5 – 10 minute practice every day can be enough to help you reset, or de-stress. You can also start setting reminders so that as you go about your day you get a visual cue (a bracelet you wear or painting you’ve hung up) or audio cue (an alarm on your phone or watch) to practice being mindful.


Many people find practicing mindfulness as a great way to unwind at the end of a day or as a way to focus themselves in the morning before the hectic whirlwind of life takes hold.

This is just a quick and simple introduction to mindfulness. There is plenty of information and more practical guides available if you want to research further into the practice of mindfulness and meditation.

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